Woodcock & Duck Research

Woodcock Research

By now all should know that the NARGC is involved in several research projects. One of these projects is Woodcock. Every year our members send in wings from woodcock for ageing. This year we are changing it slightly. We are asking all who cull Woodcock to please remove one wing, attach a piece of paper to it, stating date and RGC where the bird was culled, and forward it on to me ASAP. This is so that our PhD student James O Neill can carry different studies on the wing to further his research.

JPS Loggers

During the spring months James is hoping to travel to different parts of the country, to catch up Woodcock and attach GPS loggers, and in winter to attach radio tag. As you can appreciate this work is very costly, and very time consuming. Each Logger will cost in the region of €800. If RGC would like to purchase a GPS logger or radio tag, or contribute to the cost, all will be very welcome, and please do not hesitate to contact me.James has said that he is available to travel to RGC to give a talk on this Woodcock project, and how best to carry out the Woodcock Roding count next year, and explain about the GPS loggers and Radio tags.

Duck Gizzards and Lead Shot

Last season was a first for the NARGC in relation to collecting Duck Gizzards for examination of Lead shot. Thanks to our Face  Delegates, it is now been proposed to roll out across all the Face Affiliates. This year we are appealing to all RGC members to please remove the Culled Deck Gizzard place it in a bag, with date and area the bird was Culled. Place it in the deep freeze. Then contact your RGC delegate or give me a text to arrange collection, so we can forward on to the veterinary lab to be examined for lead shot. We are asking each RGC to supply at least 50 Duck Gizzards. In all a total of 1400 Gizzards. This is just one part of an ongoing battle, to try and stop the banning of lead shot. 

Regards : Ray Devine

Research. 087/2937350

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