Update on Corona Virus – Crop & Animal Protection

Update on Corona Virus Covid 19 for Crop protection, Animal Health and protection.

All RGC’s, Clubs, Members

As you know, currently and up to the 12th April, there is a lockdown in place, where you have to stay at home or go on very limited journeys within 2km of your home. However certain activities deemed essential services are allowed, see the exemption for Agriculture below.

The NARGC has got Clarification from the Gardai this morning, as follows;

If a farmers requests you do crop protection / animal protection – vermin control, it is allowed, provided you get it in writing ( Email will suffice ), and have that written request with you if stopped by the Gardai.

We ask our members to follow the above rules, employ common sense, and all the other rules and protocols around COVID-19,  if helping out a farmer at this vermin control.

Dan Curley
NARGC Chairman

Services provided in the following areas are considered to be essential.

Agriculture and Fishing:

  • farmers
  • farm labourers
  • farm relief service workers
  • others involved directly or indirectly in crop and animal production and related activities (including veterinary services), and workers involved in fishing

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