The N.A.R.G.C. National Clay Shoot – 2018

Time is ticking away and already we know that in many RGC’s, the tempo is hotting-up as we prepare for our 2018 NARGC National Clay Shoot. We are happy to announce that this year, the NARGC National Clayshoot will be held in Ballinasloe Shooting Grounds.

The Shoot is scheduled for July 7th and 8th next with the first shots being fired each day at 9am.

Once again, this year, the programme to be followed will be identical to last year and is as below:-









Controlling all the facets of such a massive shoot is a major task – last year we had almost 750 entries. Without the timely arrival of both teams and individuals, it would not be possible to organise so many shooters and generally conduct the event and so this year we are hoping for the same level of co-operation and assistance.

The Entry Forms were despatched to all RGC’s early April and the closing date for the return of entries is Friday, June 15th. This is the absolute deadline and there will be no exceptions or extensions to this requirement whatsoever. Please do not even ask as a refusal sometimes offends. Following on this we have the Shooting Order which is based on geographical location to the venue so logically then, Galway will be first to shoot and shooting order will spread out from there. All RGC’s will be notified well in advance of the Shoot of course.

Excellent on-site catering facilities will again be provided this year from 07.30 hrs. onwards each day. The usual plethora of generous prizes will again be available this year with each winner receiving the NARGC 50th Anniversary Gold Medallion which comes in a lovely case. This is a one-off production in 2018 only.

We urge anyone seeking accommodation in the general area of Ardee to reserve this immediately.

So, everything is now taking shape or already in place for this major annual event which is the hallmark event in the NARGC’s annual calendar. We look forward to seeing you all in Ballinasloe and to meeting so many of you who otherwise we might never meet. Sadly, one or two old friends have passed on to their eternal reward during the past year, not least our Executive Member, Pat Donlon, who tirelessly refereed at all National Shoots for many years past. Also, we remember the late John Diver who left us in August 2017. John, along with the ever-youthful Christopher Lindsay (Fingal Sporting Club), set the foundations for what we have today so we owe all of them a huge debt of gratitude. God rest all who have died.

We’ve said it before – where else would you find 750 shooters intensely and yet so cordially participating over just 2 days. And besides the seriousness of the competitions, the craic otherwise is mighty and it’s a great forum for making new friends and renewing old acquaintances so, see you there!

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