The NARGC Compensation Fund is delighted to have the opportunity to sponsor the main arena programme at the Irish Game & Country Fair 2015 in Birr Castle on the 29th and 30th of August.  The NARGC has been a big supporter of this event for many years and has steadfastly increased its association and participation over those years.  As Ireland’s largest game shooting and countrysports organisation, we welcome the opportunity which the Fair presents to meet and hear the views of ordinary sports shooting enthusiasts, whether your interest is game birds, deer, clay or target shooting.  Your views assist the Association in the development of the kind of representation and services which members require and this has influenced in no small measure how the NARGC Compensation Fund has developed and grown since its foundation in 1984 to what it is today – the most successful and most responsive indemnity protection scheme for hunting in Europe.  The reason for this is that it is a protection scheme for hunters, designed by hunters and expertly administered by hunters.  No commercial insurance, which is what all other competitors offer, has ever been able to equal the benefits which the NARGC Compensation Fund provides to members and at a cost which is equal to, or cheaper than, any of its competitors.


Significantly, the NARGC Compensation Fund is not a “policy of last resort” i.e. a policy which will not pay out if the liability is covered by another policy, such as home insurance.  This is what some of its competitors are offering.  So, hunting protection is most certainly a case of buyer beware.


It is not too big a claim to make that the performance of the Compensation Fund is unequalled anywhere in Europe in countrysports.  Apart at all from the myriad of other benefits which NARGC provides to its members, the Compensation Fund alone is good enough reason to be an NARGC Member.  We are delighted to welcome all fieldsports enthusiasts to the NARGC marquee located along the front of the main arena where our personnel will provide expert advice on the benefits of the Fund.


The Compensation Fund is also delighted to announce it is sponsoring a number of cash prizes on each day of the fair for the best NARGC scores in the clay shoot for the 10 Bird Cock & Hen Pool Trap (€100), the 5 Bird Long Teal (€150) and a first (€300) and second (€200) prize for the best NARGC Club in the 4 Person Team Event.


For further information contact Chris Gavican at Freephone 1800 222 444; 086-7888411 or

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