We wish to bring to the attention of game bird shooters that there exists a contradiction between the published  Derogation Regulations (secondary legislation) and Section 41 TABLE (1) of the Wildlife Act 2000 (primary legislation) as regards the method by which birds which are the subject of the derogation may be killed.  The primary legislation states:

1) It shall be an offence for a person to hunt or injure in the course of hunting—

(a) with a repeating or automatic shotgun (other than a repeating or automatic shotgun which is adapted or modified so as to render it incapable of carrying more than three shotgun cartridges), with an airgun, air-rifle, gas-rifle, pistol or revolver, or with any firearm fitted with a silencer device, any wild bird,

(b) with a rifle, any protected wild bird

Yet the Derogation Regulation S.I. 254 of 1986 clearly states that for hooded grey crow, magpie, rook, jackdaw, woodpigeon and doves, they may all be shot with a rifle.  See the link below.  For the sake of clarity, please note that all birds are protected under the 79/409 Birds Directive.

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