To the urgent attention of all Deer Stalkers.

Hi All,

Having recently returned from Helsinki, Finland where Dan Curley and myself, Michael Fenlon, were guests of the European Chemical Agency (ECHA), we urgently need your help to save our beloved deer stalking. 

The European Chemicals Agency is an agency of the European Union which manages the technical and administrative aspects of the implementation of the European Union regulation called Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.

The ECHA want to ban the use of all lead in shooting and fishing across Europe. The ECHA personnel are scientists and while they understand many things, we must show them that we, as deer stalkers, are the experts and scientists of our sport.

We must gather as much evidence as possible, in order to try to convince the ECHA that steel ammunition will have adverse effects on the humane dispatch of deer spices and other small game. It may also have a catastrophic impact on humans.

As many of you will know, copper coated lead bullets are by far the most efficient and humane way of dispatching deer. For years, many of us have always retrieved the bullet from the deer. We would weigh it to see how much weight was lost, if any. Generally, we would find that very little weight was lost in the bullet.

The NARGC are seeking your help in obtaining as many retrieved bullets from deer carcasses as possible.

We are looking for used bullets as well as the following information:

  • Calibre
  • Make of Round
  • Grain Weight Before
  • Grain Weight After (when retrieved)
  • Photographs (if available)
  • Any other evidence you may have

Please send all bullets and information in a jiffy bag to:

Michael Fenlon
Co Wexford
Y25 FT65

The more evidence we gather the better and therefore we are hoping to receive a large number of bullets.

We alone can not win this fight and therefore I must stress the importance of your input.

Many thanks,

Michael Fenlon
On behalf of the NARGC Deer Sub-Committee

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