NARGC Leinster Clay Pigeon Championships 2013

NARGC Leinster Clay Pigeon Championships


On Sunday 30th June 2013, “Day 1” of the NARGC Leinster Clay Pigeon Championships took place at the Fingal Sporting Club, The Naul, Co. Dublin.


On “Day 1” of the Championships, the Club, Ladies, Veterans, Super Veterans, Side by Side, Colts and Under 21 competitions were to be decided. A total of nine counties and 140 guns competed.


The course of fifty sporting targets consisted of Dropping Duck (5 pairs), Going Away & Crosser (5 pairs), Crosser & Looper (5 pairs), Going Away & Incomer (5 pairs) and Going Away & Quartering (5 pairs). The weather was overcast with the odd shower, but the whirling wind caused a few problems to competitors now and again.


“Day 1” of competition started at 10.00 a.m. and ran smoothly with prize giving being completed on

time at 5.00 p.m.  The results of “Day 1” were as follows:-


Club Championships


Gold – Newbay (Wexford),  Silver – C&N (Meath),  Bronze – Laois CTC (Laois), 4th – Killoughey (Offaly), 5th – Emlagh (Louth), 6th – Baylin (Westmeath), 7th – Kildoon Nurney (Kildare), 8th – Rush & Lusk  (Dublin) and 9th Blessington  (Wicklow).


Ladies – Individual Event


Gold – Alison McGuire (Wexford), Silver – Kimberley Irwin (Meath), Bronze – Aoife Gormally (Meath), 4th – Claire Mooney (Meath), 5th – Anne Moore (Meath), 6th –  Sinead Bates (Wexford), 7th – Sinead Waterstone (Westmeath), 8th – Nicola Kearns (Meath),  9th=  – Mandy Lowe (Laois) and Karen Power (Wexford).


Ladies – Team Event


Gold – Meath,  Silver – Wexford,  Bronze – Westmeath.


Super Veterans – Individual Event


Gold – Tom Murphy (Wexford), Silver – Barry Lynch (Meath), Bronze – Ian Faulkner (Meath), 4th Paddy Matthews (Meath), 5th – Tom Kenny (Meath), 6th – Eddie Murray (Dublin), 7th – Donal Behan (Wexford), 8th – Tom Toner (Meath), 9th – Lockey Lindsay (Dublin) and 10th – Michael McMahon (Louth).


Super Veterans – Team Event


Gold – Meath,  Silver – Wexford,  Bronze – Dublin.


Veterans – Individual Event


Gold – Frank Rodgers (Meath), Silver – Denis Farrell (Meath), Bronze – Aidan Sinnott (Wexford),

4th – Kevin Howard (Meath),  5th – Harry Moyles (Offaly), 6th – Tom Higgins (Wexford), 7th – Sid Morrell (Dublin), 8th – Maurice Keegan (Meath), 9th – Louis Duff (Laois) and 10th – David Brennan (Louth).


Veterans – Team Event


Gold – Meath,  Silver – Wexford,  Bronze – Dublin.


Side by Side Individual Event


Gold – Harry Waterstone (Westmeath), Silver – Robert Irwin (Meath), Bronze – John Kavanagh (Dublin), 4th – Jonathan O’Connor  (Wexford) 5th –  Shane O’Connor (Wexford), 6th – Mark Gaffney (Dublin), 7th  – Alan Mullen (Westmeath), 8th – Gerry Tynan (Kildare), 9th – Kevin Ryan (Wexford) and 10th – John Boland (Westmeath).


Side by Side – Team Event


Gold – Wexford,  Silver – Westmeath,  Bronze – Dublin.


Under 21 Individual Event


Gold – Patrick Cole (Dublin), Silver – Jake Byrne (Louth), Bronze – Cathal Dunne (Westmeath), 4th –  Stephen Gilliland (Louth), 5th _ Michael O’Neill (Louth), 6th – P J O’Rourke (Kildare),  7th – Conor Ledwith (Westmeath), 8th – Kevin Fallon (Wicklow), 9th –  Paul Keely (Dublin) and 10th – Kyle Byrne (Wexford).


Under 21 – Team Event


Gold – Louth,  Silver – Dublin,  Bronze – Wexford.


Under 16 Individual Event


Gold – Padraic Fitzgerald (Dublin), Silver – Stephen O’Leary (Wexford), Bronze – Andrew Redmond (Wexford), 4th –  Aaron Dickson (Offaly), 5th _ Jamie Holcroft (Louth), 6th – Niall Flood (Kildare),  7th= – Aaron Scullion (Louth) and Gary Smith (Westmeath).


Overall High Gun


Four shooters finished on a score of 49, hence a shoot-off was required to decide the medal positions. The four shooters involved were Martin O’Leary (Wexford), Colin Doyle (Wexford), Ziad Chammas (Meath) and Naji Elmayss (Meath). As Martin O’Leary (Wexford) wasn’t present, he was automatically declared 4th. The exciting shoot-off required four rounds of 10 and then sudden death to decide the final outcome. The final results were as follows:-


Gold – Colin Doyle (Wexford), Silver – Naji Elmayss (Meath), Bronze – Ziad Chammas (Meath), 4th – Martin O’Leary  (Wexford), 5th= – Paul Owens (Louth) and Aiden O’Sullivan (Laois), 7th= – P J Reilly (Meath), Maurice Cavanagh (Louth) and Ciaran Fogarty (Offaly),  10th= – Patrick Cole (Dublin),  Paul Delaney (Meath), Paddy McDonald (Laois), Aiden Fogarty (Offaly), Roland Morris (Wexford), David Benson jnr (Wexford), John Byrne (Wexford), Dermot Fallon (Wicklow) and Frank Rodgers (Meath).


County High Guns


Wexford – Martin O’Leary (49), Louth – Paul Owens (48), Laois – Aiden O’Sullivan (48), Meath – P J Reilly (47), Offaly – Ciaran Fogarty (47), Dublin – Patrick Cole (46), Kildare – Jason O’Sullivan/John Keating (45), and Westmeath – Conan Kelly (45).


Hence this left the medal table after the end of “Day 1” of the 2013 NARGC Leinster Clay Pigeon Championships as follows:-


                              Gold    Silver  Bronze   Total


Wexford                  5           4         3            12

Meath                      4           6          3            13

Dublin                     2           1          4              7

Westmeath              1           1          2              4            

Louth                       1           1          0              2

Laois                        0           0          1              1


Pool Shoot


Pool shoot was won by Conan Kelly (Westmeath).


A special “thank you” to Chris Lindsay and his team for the efficient and friendly manner in which they ran “Day 1” of this excellent event and to their families for the refreshments laid on after the competitions were completed.


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