Sample Club Constitution

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The Constitution and Rules of “Club Name”

1. Title:

The Club shall be titled: ” Gun Club or Game Preservation Association” hereinafter called “the Club”.

2. Aims and Objectives:

a.     To preserve club lands for the purpose of prohibiting the taking or killing of game, or the pursuit of game thereon by
persons other than those authorised by the Club.

b.     To develop and improve the game stocks on club lands.

c.     To promote the conservation of wildlife and its habitat on club lands.

d.     To carry out such programmes of vermin control as the Club may from time to time determine.

e.     To co-operate with landowners and An Garda Siochána by ensuring the observance of all State laws.

3. Qualification for Membership:

a.     Membership shall be confined to persons either currently residing or previously resident in the area covered by the
Club, or drawing their livelihood mainly from within that area.

b.     It shall be obligatory for Club Members to join the N.A.R.G.C.. Compensation Fund and to remain a member of the
N.A.R.G.C. Compensation Fund throughout the period of Club membership.

c.     All applications for membership must be made in writing to the Club Secretary giving the names of the applicant’s
Proposer and Seconder.

d.     Applicants must agree to abide by the rules of the Club and must satisfy the Club as to their suitability for

e.     An application for membership shall be deemed to be accepted if approved by a simple majority of the Club
Members present and voting at a Club meeting. Should the Club refuse acceptance of membership the Committee
shall not be obliged to give any reasons for such refusal.

4. Officers of the Club:

The Officers of the Club shall consist of the following: Chairman. Vice-Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Safety Officer and Compensation Fund Officer. Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club and shall hold office for a period of one year. All Officers shall be eligible for re-election. The Club may appoint other Officers from time to time and under such terms as it considers appropriate. Such other Officers as may be appointed shall retire at the next Annual General Meeting following their appointment and shall be eligible for re-appointment.

5. Committees:

The Club may at its Annual General Meeting elect working Committees which shall operate under such terms as the Club may from time to time determine. The number of members of any Committee and it’s composition shall be determined by the Club but shall include all elected Officers of the Club. The Club may also appoint Sub-Committees as it may deem necessary. The Club shall also, at it’s Annual General Meeting, elect a Disciplinary Board which shall be comprised of three persons and which shall deal with any disciplinary matters which arise in accordance with the terms of Rule 2.

6. Affiliation and Membership:

The Club shall affiliate as a member of or such Regional Game Council as shall be a member of the National Association of Regional Game Councils representing Co.

7. Compensation Fund:

The Club shall arrange for the protection of its members in accordance with the terms of the NARGC Compensation Fund by ensuring that all of its Members at all times are members of the said Fund.


Rules of the Club

Rule 1 – Membership:

Each Member shall be required to pay an Annual Membership Fee. The Membership Fee shall be reviewed annually at the Annual General Meeting.

Members shall be required, when shooting, to have their Membership Cards in their possession and are required to produce same for inspection by other Members or landowners.

Members shall be required to show respect for the property of Landowners and acts of disrespect, including damage to fences, crops and/or leaving gates open will be treated as a breach of the terms of a Member’s membership of the Club.

Members shall be required to observe the boundaries of other Clubs.

Members shall be required to actively participate in all Club activities including fund raising, predator and pest control and re-stocking.

Members shall be required to show respect for the Officers and other Members of the Club and for the Officers and Members of other Gun Clubs and parent bodies including the Clubs and the National Association of Regional Game Councils.

Any Member found to be in breach of these rules or held to have behaved in a manner damaging to the interests of the Club shall be admonished, suspended, fined, expelled or be the subject of such other penalty as the Club considers fit.

Members shall be required to abide and be bound by the Constitution and Rules of the National Association of Regional Game Councils.

Rule 2 – Disciplinary Procedure:

The Disciplinary Board shall have the power to hear and determine any complaints whether made by a Member of the Club or the Regional Game Council to which the Club is affiliated or the National Association of Regional Game Councils that a Member has acted in a manner damaging to the interests of the Club and in the event of the Disciplinary Board determining that a Member has acted in such a manner, it shall be entitled to impose whatever penalty it considers appropriate, provided however, that the Member against whom the complaint has been made shall be entitled to appeal the decision of the Disciplinary Board within 2 weeks (14 days) of being notified in writing by the Disciplinary Board of its decision in which case the Club shall re-hear and determine the complaint and shall be entitled to uphold, vary or reject the determination of the Disciplinary Board and the penalty imposed by it.

Rule 3 – Meetings:

The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held each year.

The Club shall be entitled to adopt such further rules as it may deem necessary to fulfil its aims and objectives provided however that such rules are not contrary to State Laws or contrary to the Constitution and Rules of Regional Game Council and the National Association of Regional Game Councils.

The Committee shall meet at such times as shall be decided from time to time by the Members thereof but no less than three meetings shall be held in any one year.

The Chairman shall be entitled to convene Special General Meetings of the Club to deal with any urgent business pertaining to the Club. A Special General Meeting may also be convened at the written request of at least one third of the Club’s Members stating in writing the reason for the convening of such a meeting and such special meeting shall be held within twenty one (21) days of the written request being delivered to the Club Secretary. No special meeting of the Club shall be convened without Club Members receiving at least 48 hours notice.

The quorum for the Annual General Meeting or special meeting of the Club shall be one third of the total membership of the Club.

Each outgoing Officer, Committee and sub-Committee Member shall deliver a report to the Annual General Meeting which will also deal with the Election of Officers and the appointment of Committees and sub-Committees. The Annual General Meeting shall also include a general discussion on the business and affairs of the Club.

Rule 4 – Finance:

All monies and funds of the Club shall be deposited, as soon as possible after receipt, in such Bank as the Club may by resolution designate. All monies and funds shall be held in the name of the Treasurer, Chairman and Secretary for and on behalf of the Club. The name of the Club shall be designated for Bank account purposes. All cheques and withdrawals of funds, on behalf of the Club, shall be signed by the Treasurer and Chairperson or Secretary. Proper books or accounts shall be maintained up to date at all times.

Rule 5 – Voting:

Each Member shall be entitled to a single vote in Club elections. Elections may be by secret ballot. Voting in all other matters may be by secret ballot also at the discretion of the Chairman and each Member shall be entitled to one vote in relation to such matters. In the event of there being an equality of votes in any ballot, other than in elections, the Chairman shall have a casting or second vote. In the event of a tie in any election the position shall be filled by lottery.

Rule 6 – Officer Duties:

a.     Chairman:
The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Club and Committees and shall see to it that the decisions are put
into effect.

b.     Vice-Chairman:
The Vice-Chairman shall, in the absence of the Chairman, carry out the functions of the Chairman

c.     In the event of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman being unable to attend a scheduled meeting, the Members shall
elect a Chairman who shall chair that particular meeting.

d.     Honorary Secretary:
The Honorary Secretary shall convene all meetings of the Club, it’s Committees or sub-Committees at times and
venues as shall be determined by these bodies. The Honorary Secretary shall prepare an Agenda of all business to
be submitted for discussion and to be dealt with at each meeting of the Club. The Honorary Secretary shall maintain
proper and adequate minutes of all such meetings and shall submit such minutes for approval at the next succeeding
meeting. The Honorary Secretary shall also maintain a proper record of the names of Members who attend Club
meetings along with any other official records of the Club and the Honorary Secretary shall be responsible for the
Clubs official correspondence.

The Honorary Secretary shall notify the Hon. Secretary of ________________________ Regional Game Council of
any changes in the Officers/Club’s Delegates of the Club to _______________________ Regional Game
Council within fourteen days of the Clubs Annual General Meeting and shall forward the statistics form or such other
information as may be required by ___________________ Regional Game Council. The Honorary Secretary shall
also present a Report on the Club’s activities to the Annual General Meeting.

e.     Honorary Treasurer:
The Hon. Treasurer shall utilise the funds of the Club in such a manner as the Committee may from time to time
direct and no expenditure of the funds of the Club shall be made unless previously authorised by the Club. The Hon.
Treasurer shall present a Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet to each AGM of the Club.

f..     Safety 0fficer:
The Safety 0fficer shall be responsible for creating an awareness amongst the Clubs’ Members of the importance of
Safety while shooting and shall undertake such further duties as may be assigned to him from time to time with
regard to safety while shooting.

g.     Compensation Fund Officer:
The Compensation Fund Officer shall ensure that all Compensation Fund Contract forms are returned to
_____________ and shall be responsible for ensuring that all Club Members are Members of the NARGC
Compensation Fund at all times.

Rule 7 – Interpretation of Constitution:

The Club is the sole authority for the interpretation of this Constitution and of any rule.

Rule 8 – Amendment of Constitution:

Only the Annual General Meeting of the Club or a Special General Meeting shall have power to alter or amend this Constitution and Rules. Any proposed alteration or amendment to this Constitution and Rules shall be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary not less than 28 days in advance of the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting of the Club. Any alteration or amendment to this Constitution and Rules will require to be carried by a two-thirds majority of all accredited members present.