Proposed Changes to Night Time Hunting – Shooting

Proposed changes to Night Time Hunting – Shooting 

The National Association of Regional Game Councils (NARGC) were represented at the Firearms Consultative Panel (FCP) Meeting on the 20th April 2017, by our National Chairman Michael Fenlon, and Compensation Fund Administrator, Chris Gavican.  We believe that we received a place at the table just in time to temporarily stop proposed changes that would substantially diminish our traditional sporting rights.

There were many items on the agenda, but the issue of night shooting dominated the Meeting.

A report from the National Parks & Wildlife Services (NPWS), compiled with the help of a working  group, which included the Sports Coalition (SC), was presented to the Meeting for its approval.

There were 21 persons sitting around the FCP table, representing 14 organisations, but it was astonishing that so few of them represented or advanced the position of the ordinary Hunting / Shooting / Gun Club person.

In fact quite a bit of what is proposed shows a distinct lack of understanding  of the countryside,  and the interventions that are necessary to maintain a healthy  balance of nature.

The only other groups present that supported our stance in relation to the reality of country life were the IFA, Countryside Alliance and the Wild Deer Association.

After a robust debate, where the NARGC and the other groups highlighted various problems and deficiencies in the Report, and the serious repercussions these proposed changes would have, if implemented, the Chairperson of the FCP asked us to make a submission to the FCP before the 1.6.2017, outlining our position on these issues.

This  is  your  opportunity  to  have  your  say  on  this.

Please consult with us, your RGC, your Club, because we want input from the ground up on this very important matter.

Briefly this report proposes to;

Amend the Garda Commissioners Guidelines to include the following.

(Garda Superintendents, Chief Superintendents, must issue licenses in accordance with these Guidelines)

  • No Hunting / Shooting to take place between 12.00 midnight  –  6.00 am,   1st  September  to  31st  March

(Only exceptions, actual attack by dogs, or under licence Sec. 42)

  • This curfew will be written on your licence. (Unless you look for it not to be, Sec. 42 etc.)
  • During all other darkness hours (other than curfew times above) you should notify the landowner of your starting and finishing time before commencing.
  • Hunters / Shooters should inform the local Garda station or nearest  24 hour station in the Garda District, prior to commencement of shooting during hours of darkness.

Please note this relates to all hunting / shooting,  with shotgun or Rifle.   No Duck/Geese shooting would be permitted during these hours also, although authorised under the wildlife Act 1976.

Please reflect carefully how this will impact on you, your Club, the local community:  particularly Stock protection, animal welfare, Club Conservation projects, and wider community conservation projects.

The NARGC will seek the necessary changes to these flawed proposals, and hopefully common sense will prevail, but we need your input and engagement to help ensure it does prevail, because this is a very real threat to the countryside.

We are looking for Support in avoiding changes to Night Time Hunting/Shooting Ban:
Please click here to sign our petition now.
or please download and print the Petition Sheet here NARGC Petition for Support

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