NARGC Press Release: Mycroplasma

Pheasants – Mycoplasma

Notice to all Releasing Pheasant

The NARGC has become aware of Mycoplasma infection incidents in pheasants, and we strongly advice that before taking possession of birds, that suppliers give assurances that their flocks are mycoplasma free. If any doubt exists, seek veterinary certification of their mycoplasma free status. There is also a test that can be done, to verify their status.

Mycoplasma is a bacterial respiratory disease, which is debilitating, and fatal. Once it gets into a flock, all birds are infected and carriers for life. While antibiotics will keep the birds alive, they are carriers for life, and will infect all they meet, and will pass it on in the egg also.

If such birds are released into the wild, this disease will become entrenched in our pheasant population.

Vigilance is required by all to ensure only Mycoplasma clean birds are been released.

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