NARGC Position at Present

June 11th 2016


                       RGC DELEGATES

                       NATIONAL EXECUTIVE MEMBERS

                      AND ALL ASSOCIATE MEMBERS



Re:  High Court Proceedings entitled

Desmond Crofton .v. National Association of Regional Game Councils and the Executive

High Court Rec No 2016/4849P



Dear Colleague,


Mr. Desmond Crofton, our Director, is suing the NARGC and its Executive & Trustees and by extension and in consideration of the Constitution & Rules of the Association, this includes the Governing Body and all constituent Associate Members of the NARGC. As you know, the NARGC acts through its Executive Committee which is subordinate to the Governing Body which, as ever and always, is the supreme authority in the Association. The NARGC is the umbrella organisation for all of its Regional Games Councils and its Associate Members and currently comprises some 25,000 Fund Members.


An Interim Injunction of the 1st of June 2016 in amended format dated 3rd of June 2016, orders and directs the following:-


  1. That the National Association of Regional Game Councils and its Executive be restrained from taking any further steps in the purported disciplinary or investigative process described in the schedule hereto;
  2. The NARGC and its Executive are restrained from taking any further steps on foot of a Meeting of 30th of May 2016 with the Plaintiff;
  3. That the NARGC and the Executive are restrained from embarking on any investigation into the Plaintiff’s conduct and/or any disciplinary or investigative process otherwise that in accordance with natural and constitutional justice and the Plaintiffs’ contractual entitlements;
  4. The NARGC and its Executive, its servants or agents, be restrained from publishing or making any false utterances regarding the Plaintiff’s suspension;
  5. The NARGC and the Executive be restrained from terminating the Plaintiff’s Contract of Employment;
  6. The NARGC and its Executive, their servants or agents, be restrained from accessing any of the Plaintiff’s private information contained on his laptop seized by the Defendants on the 19th of May 2016 last;


Please be advised that where the NARGC has been so injuncted, that Injunction, by extension and in accordance with the Constitution & Rules of the Association, as already stated, extends to the Governing Body, the Executive and all Associate Members in pursuance of the said Constitution and Rules.  In other words all 25,000 or so NARGC Associate Members.


We therefore urge that all Associate Members comply with the Court Orders which would, by extension, include that where meetings are held, no discussion whatsoever concerning the Director should take place in circumstances where same could be interpreted as a breach of the Court Order.


We note how unfortunate this is particularly in circumstances where an ‘ex parte’ Interim Injunction [one side heard only] is in existence presently.  The Executive, on behalf of the NARGC, is preparing the replying affidavits in this matter, all of which again comes before the High Court on June 22nd next.


Yours sincerely,


Michael Fenlon                       


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