Our Grey Partridge project in Dublin has been a huge success.  Having begun with eight breeding pairs, we now have close to two hundred birds which are available to set up breeding stations around the country.

The project, which includes a captive breeding programme, is managed by Derek O Brien, who is the head gamekeeper with overall responsibility.  For advice and assistance, Derek can be contacted on 086/3040556.

As the Dublin project has progressed, it has enabled us to assist clubs with setting up their own programs and there are now several breeding stations operating around the country.  We are hopeful of having release programs in each of these breeding stations after 2 years.


Predator control is a major element in each project and predators within each area must be brought under control before releasing can begin.

Each breeding station requires to have:

(a) breeding pens for each pair;

(b) hatching boxes;

(c) a rearing pen and

(d) holding pens.



Land management is crucial for release projects.  Hedgerows, beetle-banks, game crops, game cover and nesting cover are all essential to sustain a successful Grey Partridge population.  It is only by using these management techniques that we can hope to return native wild Grey Partridge to all regions throughout the country where they once were plentiful.  It is not going to happen overnight.  It will take dedication, hard work and passion over a long period to achieve this goal.


For further information contact:

Derek O Brien- 0863040556

John Wade- 0872842645

Ger Burns- 0863043587