Game Development

Pheasant rearing and releasing methods:- incubation; purchase of day olds or under Bantam hens; purchase of adult birds.  Rearing pens and release pens are required.

Mallard rearing and releasing methods:- Incubation; purchase as day olds or six weeks old. Enclosed pens with access to shallow water are required which will allow the birds into controlled ponds as they get older.

Predator Control:-The control of vermin is very much the main part of Game Management and Release.  Winged Vermin: Grey crow, rooks, magpies, jackdaws and jays. Ground Vermin: Rats, mice, mink, fox and grey squirrel.

Traps:- A selection of traps may be used to control predators including snares, fen traps (MK3 and MK4), cage traps, larsen traps, ladder traps and funnel traps.  Before embarking on the control of predators it is vital to be familiar with the law in this area and its complexities.  The relevant legislation is the Wildlife Act 1976 and the Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000.

Release pens and holding pens:-  The building of any pens must include measures to make them fox proof.  Dimensions and details of construction can be obtained from any of the contacts named below at the end of this leaflet or in our booklet on pen building.

Game crop and cover:- This has become very popular since the REPS scheme was introduced and today we see small areas and corners of fields are now being set with game crops which are very important for game release and feeding habitat.

Pond construction:- Duck ponds are regularly being created by gun clubs throughout the country in suitable areas.  The NARGC book “Ponds for Wildlife” should be read prior to commencing construction.  Well constructed ponds are very important for mallard release and rearing.

Grey Partridge:- Wild native Grey Partridge are being bred in a major re-stocking project in Dublin which is financially supported by the NARGC.  Now into its second year, the breeding success has thus far been excellent.  We have set up a number of breeding stations around the country and we plan to set up at least another ten stations in 2012.


The current breeding stations are located at:-

Castletownroche, Co. Cork.                Rathcormac, Co. Cork.

Delvin, Co. Westmeath.                      Oldtown, Co. Dublin.

Rolestown, Co. Dublin.                        Ardcat, Co. Meath.


Wing Counts:- Snipe and Woodcock wing counts each year are a very important part of our data collection.  The wings returned are examined each year for ageing of the birds and from this we can calculate the ratio of young to adult birds.  This information allows us to assess the breeding success in the previous breeding period.


For further information contact:

Game Development Committee:

Ger Burns, 0863043587 (Chair)