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Dan Curley, Chairman NARGC

6th April 2020


The NARGC is delighted to announce its new partnership with Ms. Avril Egar, of Morrins & Co, Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow (part of Redmills Group). Avril and Morrins will supply the NARGC with Game crops seed and specialised game bird rations. Avril has been supplying some NARGC members and Shoots over the years and her name, reputation and merchandise are excellent. We look forward to fostering this alliance which should prove a further excellent service to our Members.

As game crop seed is currently the more pressing issue, we will just deal with this in this Report. We will circulate the details of the Game rations later, with prices, availability, etc.,

Game Crops

Please find enclosed a Products brochure from ‘Kings Crops’ in the UK, who are our partners by extension. Their website is where there are details of their products including a downloadable Brochure.

In relation to Game crops in Ireland, there are two distinct groups; a GLAS-compliant Game Crop (DAFM call it Wild Bird cover) which farmers sow under contract with the DAFM. They get GLAS grant payments for this, but it must comply with DAFM stipulations on sowing rate and seed varieties. This is a contract between the DAFM and the farmer, with a planner doing the paperwork plan. Gun Clubs are simply and ONLY helping the farmer in sowing a better game / wild bird crop. It must be sown before 31.5.’20. RGC’s/Clubs must understand if they are supplying a GLAS farmer, it must be this mix. This is the 1-year (Annual) GLAS mix.

Glas Compliant Mix

The NARGC has put together an NARGC bespoke mix with the help of Avril and Kings. It is a mix specially mixed and bagged for the NARGC. It contains Triticale, White Mustard, Fodder Radish, Linseed, Phacelia. The sowing rate is 90kg per HA, in 4 bags @ 22.5kg per bag. The NARGC has placed a large order, which we understand will be in Ireland next week. For bulk orders by RGC’s it will cost €35 per bag (€140 per HA).

Can RGC’s revert to me (Dan Curley) with orders as soon as possible, as sowing time is upon us. Bulk orders are orders in excess of 25 bags. If RGC’s want less than a pallet (50 bags), perhaps they can link up with an adjacent RGC. RGC’s should also have a drop off point in their area, preferably with access to a forklift. There is no transport cost on bulk orders.

Game Crop Mix for Gun Clubs

This is about trying to get the best mix, for our own Gun Club purposes. The NARGC, having looked at this, feels the ‘Wildlife Winter Holding Cover’ mix at page 12 of King’s Brochure, would tick most boxes for the average Gun Club. The £Stg. prices quoted in the Brochure are the prices with reductions for larger orders. If ordered early, these orders can be taken in with our shipments, avoiding the transport costs, which would be in the region of €10 per bag. If your Club wants singles, or any of the other mixes, the same principles apply.

Again, we ask all RGC’s to come to us as early as possible with their orders and hopefully they can be delivered with the GLAS mix. Clubs can come to us directly, but they may have to travel to collect them.

The NARGC Game Crop grant is very much part of this for both groups of mixes and RGC’s need to sort out with their Clubs as to the manner in which this will be administered at RGC level.

Game Crop open Day

Avril and Kings have indicated they are very interested in promoting this, by way of an Open Day and field walk in July/August to see the crops in situ. Kings have indicated they will send over an expert to give a talk and advice. Covid-19 may well determine whether this happens in 2020, but hopefully it will happen at some stage.


The NARGC Executive has set this in motion for our Members. Hopefully it will be well supported by our RGC’s and Clubs, because game on the ground is our objective, and this is a step in that direction. But like all such initiatives, it must be pushed by our members, RGC’s and Clubs in order to happen on the ground,

Yours in Sport

Dan Curley,

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