The NARGC is a Member of FACE through FACE-Ireland since it’s inception in 1977. The Federation of Fieldsports Associations of the European Union, FACE as it is known, derives from its French name, Fédération des Associations de Chasseurs de L’UE, which was founded in September 1977 by the National Hunters’ Associations of the Member States of the European Union (EU, formerly EEC, with 9 Member States at that time, now 27).

Despite its formal name, FACE membership is open to representative national hunter’s associations from all Council of Europe Member States, including those beyond the European Union borders. At present, it has members in 36 Full Members.

Learn more above FACE by checking it’s website which is www.face.eu

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Associate Members

According to FACE’s Statutes (Art. 6), non-governmental organisations, sharing and supporting the Federation’s objectives, may be admitted as Associate Members.

The very first organisation to become Associate Member (admitted by the FACE General Assembly held in September 2003 in Cyprus) is the S.C.I. Foundation, which – just as FACE – operates to protect hunters’ rights and to conserve wildlife at international level.

Other NGOs – national, regional or international ones – wishing to become Associate Member of FACE and to strengthen so FACE and its activities to promote conservation through sustainable hunting, should contact Dr. Yves LECOCQ, FACE Secretary-General.