The Irish Government and Health Care experts have issued guidance on social distancing. At the weekend, they have, by consent, closed pubs and other establishments. This is unprecedented in Ireland particularly for St. Patrick’s Day.

The NARGC asks all its Associate Members to stringently adhere to these restrictions. These measures have been taken for good and solidly based reasons, the main one being – TO SAVE LIVES ! Those lives could be some of us, our family or friends. The threat is that real and it is upon us. Just look at Italy and Spain, where it now appears to be out of control.

We as individuals, Clubs and RGC’s, MUST NOT ENGAGE IN ANY ACTIVITY that brings people together. All Meetings and indoor gatherings or any kind should be postponed, irrespective of constitutional rules or whatever. This threat surpasses all normal considerations.

As for outdoor events, these must be judged on their merits. Ask yourselves if social distancing can adequately be applied to a proposed activity or event. Remember it is always difficult to socially distance, even at an organised event, but we have little choice with what we are now facing into. If in doubt, do not engage. Cancel it. Always err on the side of caution.

Scary times. Stay safe everyone.

Dan Curley,
National Chairman, NARGC

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