Avian Flu In Ireland

As you will no doubt be aware by now that Avian Flu has now reached our shores. It is absolutely imperative that we are all vigilant in keeping a very close scrutiny on wild birds. If you are getting closer to wild birds, if they are reluctant to fly or show other signs of stress/feebleness, please report these matters to the relevant authorities and follow the guidelines provided.

The Department has released the following update:

  • We have 6 Regional Veterinary Laboratories in Athlone, Cork, Dublin, Kilkenny, Limerick & Sligo (see link below)
  • They are not normally staffed at weekends & bank holidays, so a local arrangement would need to be made for them to take in birds (which we will do our best to organise)
  • It is critical that birds are double-bagged & properly labelled, that we know the species, where the birds were found & that we have contact details for people who found & handled the birds
  • Anyone handling birds should be advised to wear gloves or use a plastic bag to pick up the birds, or if this not possible – to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water afterwards
  • In the event that a bird tests positive for avian influenza H5 or H7, there will be a follow-up by public health officials as a precautionary measure

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