Are You Looking to Join the NARGC?

It is with great sadness we learned in early January 2020 that Countryside Alliance Ireland (CAI) are withdrawing from the Republic of Ireland (ROI). We have worked closely with CAI in the past, particularly in recent times, on the lead shot issue, to very good effect for all Firearms License holders in the ROI. The Field Sports community will miss them being the 2nd largest organisation behind the NARGC in this area. We will continue to work with them in Northern Ireland and the UK as part of FACE in Europe.

The NARGC will welcome any Clubs or individuals seeking to join our RGC’s or Clubs, subject to our existing terms, conditions and structures. Briefly, any Club wishing its members to join our Compensation Fund and by virtue of same become NARGC Associate Members, must firstly affiliate to one of our 28 County Bodies (RGC’s). Any individual who wishes to join our Compensation Fund, must firstly become a Member of one of our affiliated Clubs. Our membership is wide and varied, covering almost all field sports activities with education, experience-sharing, advocacy, habitat and game enhancement, being the main benefits from NARGC membership.

We have communicated with our RGC’s asking them to be as accommodating as possible in relation to any affiliation applications they receive.

If you want further information please contact Chris Gavican in the Compensation Fund Office, or me, Dan Curley ( Chairman), or any of our Officers.

Almost daily we see vigilante type activity, or someone advocating it, by the so called ‘animal rights activists’ here in Ireland, clearly copying the rubbish going on in the UK. This, together with the other threats to our way of life, must be resisted by all of us.

All groups representing Field Sports must work together in a coherent way, so that our sports and traditions are preserved. The countryside, the natural environment, its preservation and enhancement need us now more than ever.

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