NARGC Deeply Concerned with Proposed Euro Legislation

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The NARGC is deeply concerned with the EU’s proposals to re-open the ‘Weapons’ Directive and impose new restrictions on law abiding shooting sports people as a response to the terrorist attacks in Paris and further attacks elsewhere.  While every lawful firearms owner is appalled at what happened over the past week and days, the EU proposals as published, insofar as they apply to the Directive, will do nothing to address this most serious terrorist threat.  It should not be forgotten that legal firearms owners are equally threatened by the terrorists and as such they do appreciate the seriousness of the situation.  However, the fact remains that terrorists operate outside the scope of all legislative provisions everywhere and the restrictions proposed by the EU will do nothing to curb access to weapons by terrorists.  The NARGC supports the position adopted by FACE Europe which is taking a proactive position of opposition to the restrictive proposals and which has the best network of contacts at the level of the EU Institutions to influence the final decisions with the support of national delegations in all EU countries.

For our part in Ireland, we are seeking firstly to know what position the Irish government is adopting, secondly contacting all Irish MEP’s to ascertain their position and to try to gain their support for firearms owners, and thirdly to make contact with the Irish Permanent Representative to the EU in Brussels. 

We therefore ask all shooting people to start making contact with their MEP’s.  There are only 13 of them for the entire country.  We also ask supporters to contact their TD’s of all persuasions, and while being respectful and expressing our sympathy and support for confronting terrorism, impressing upon them the futility of making laws at EU level which will have no effect on terrorist access to weapons but will instead run the risk of alienating the support of Europe’s more than 7 million legal firearms owners for the actions of their governments.

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