CIC Ireland Announcement

CIC Ireland Announcement


By National Director

Head of Delegation


CIC Trophy Evaluation System

Since its inception in the late 1920’s, the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) Trophy Evaluation System (TES) has established itself as the leading trophy scoring system throughout Europe, and further afield.  In particular, the CIC system represents the benchmark of European trophy evaluation.

However, since the 13th of September 2012, the CIC has in place a set of Trophy Measuring Rules and Regulations as part of the restructuring of the old TES. This is part of the transition from the old Commissions structure of the CIC which ceased to exist following the 2010 CIC General Assembly in Dubrovnik and was replaced by the current divisional structure, which comprises three divisions: Applied Science, Policy & Law, and Culture. The CIC trophy measurement system is part of the Applied Science Division.

The new CIC Trophy Measuring Rules and Regulations can be downloaded from the members’ section of the CIC website:  Under these Rules and Regulations, only Certified CIC Measurers and Senior International Trophy Judges (SITJ), in possession of a Certified CIC Measurer ID card, are eligible to measure trophies on behalf of the CIC and to award CIC points. Together, all SITJ make up the Trophy Evaluation Board (TEB) which is part of the CIC Division Applied Science and cooperates and coordinates its work with CIC Headquarters, National CIC Delegations, CIC Coordination Forums, official National Hunting Associations and National Trophy Evaluation Associations registered with the CIC . For details of the tasks of the TEB please consult the Rules and Regulations.  A full list of Certified CIC Measurers, including SITJ is available in the members section of the CIC website:

For more details on the TES, please consult the Trophy Measuring Rules and Regulations, available in English, French, German and Russian as well as the announcement on the CIC website:

Following the aforementioned restructuring, CIC Ireland is pleased to announce that CIC will conduct a two day course on 9th and 10th December next to train and accredit official CIC Ireland head measurers.  The training will be conducted by:


Doc. Dipl. Ing. Josef Feuereisel, Ph.D. – CIC Senior International Trophy Judge (Czech Republic)

Professor Dr hab. Roman Dziedzic – CIC Senior International Trophy Judge (Poland)

Dipl. Ing. Dusan Krajniak – CIC Senior International Trophy Judge (Slovenia)


It should be noted that currently, there are no CIC accredited head measurers in Ireland and anyone purporting to be accredited by CIC is perpetrating a falsehood.  Accreditation can only be authorised by CIC Ireland on completion of the certified training programme.  In addition, only accredited CIC Head Measurers will be in possession of a Certified CIC Measurer ID card and trophy head owners should not hesitate to request inspection of this card when presenting heads for assessment.


CIC Ireland head measurers will conduct trophy head assessments and the issuing of CIC certificates and medals as appropriate following the training and accreditation.  A list of CIC Ireland Head measurers and their contact details will shortly be posted on the NARGC and other approved websites.

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